Purchasing a property can be both exciting and stressful. It may be your first home or you may be moving to something larger or downsizing. You may have your own list of things that need doing such as packing and sorting out removals, choosing furniture and furnishings.For You - House Purchase

At Martin Gaffney Solicitors we aim to make the process as stress free as possible. By dealing with the estate agents and Sellers Solicitors on your behalf. We will carry out the necessary searches to ensure the property and surrounding area is sound and investigate legal title.

If the property is a flat or leasehold property we will also carry out the necessary additional enquiries to ensure ground rents and service charges are up to date.

Once the purchase is completed then we will register the property in your name and also deal with Stamp Duty obligations.

Most transactions take between six to eight weeks, depending on the time that it takes for your mortgage application to be processed. If there is no mortgage then it can be even quicker to complete.

We also can advise you on the use of the “Bank of Mum and Dad” and how their loan or gift to you can be protected in the event of joint owners separating. This is a “Declaration of Trust”. This can also be used where one party is contributing more to the initial purchase price of the property and they wish to protect their investment.

Please contact Martin Gaffney or Lynn Wallis at our Rothwell office on 0113 282 7988 for more details. Or mail@ at our Ilkley office on 01943 605711.