Many people worry about an estate “going to Probate”, when someone dies. At Martin Gaffney Solicitors we can advise and help you at this difficult time.

This involves:

  • identifying and valuing any assets;
  • obtaining Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration;
  • collecting in the various assets in the estate;
  • paying any Inheritance Tax that is due and other expenses associated with the funeral;
  • distributing the reminder of the estate between the various beneficiaries.For You - Probate

We can advise and help you whether they left a Will or not.

If the person who died, left a Will, then this usually names the people who will administer the estate on their behalf.

This will involve applying for a Grant of Probate which is a document issued by the Probate Registry that allows the Executors of the estate to sell any available property, close down bank accounts and collect the various assets.

If the person who has died, did not leave a Will, then the process is a little more complicated.  The process of appointment is determined by law and follows a set order of rules and depends on a person’s relationship with the deceased person.

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