Specialist Conveyancing Services

Specialist Conveyancing

We carry out a number of specialist property/ conveyancing matters for clients. These fall outside the scope of the average sale and purchase and need special expertise.

We offer Specialist Conveyacing Legal Services

We offer Specialist Conveyacing Legal Services

Specialist conveyacing includes:-

Removal of restrictions from registered titles.

A restriction is an entry in the Land Registry title that protects another party’s interest. These include legal charges/ mortgages, matrimonial charges and County Court judgments in respect of debt or bankruptcy.

Amendments to or relinquishment of easements that are not longer applicable.

A typical easement would be a right of way over adjoining land. In the modern day this would include replacing old outside toilets blocks with parking spaces or a home for the wheelie bin

Reconstitution of title deeds that have been lost.

This usually involves a first registration.

Transfers of Probate properties that require the assignment of beneficial interests.

This allows for beneficiaries to be paid their share of the estate by someone living in the deceased persons former home.

Bona Vacantia purchases.

This is where land has been taken over by the Crown due to it being abandoned, or as a result of bankruptcy of previous owners. They are often very complex matters as the buyer is required to deal with any issues or charges attached to the property. For example we have acted previously in the purchase of land that had five different legal charges on it.

Removal of Land Charges in unregistered land.

These may be mortgages whereby the mortgage lender no longer exists or in the case of a private lender, they may have died and we have to deal with their estate or executors who have acquired the debt.

Registration of easements in respect of utilities.

Where a party requires a connection such as water or electricity that needs to cross adjoining land through cables or other conduits. This includes mobile telephone masts and the rights of the utility company to enter the land for maintenance.

TOLATA applications to Court where a joint owner refuses to agree to a sale.

Plot sales on the behalf of builders.

Where we produce all the documentation to enable the sale including plans and Conveyances and Transfers of the land to the new buyers.

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