If divorce is not appropriate for you then there are other options available.

There is always the option of separation without divorce.For You - Separation

  • You could live separately and apart but without reaching a formal agreement regarding finances or any other matters;
  • Or you could like separately and apart and issues about finances and other matters be agreed in correspondence between legal representatives for both parties;
  • Perhaps you can live separate and apart and any financial agreements are incorporated into a Deed of Separation. This is a formal document which details the agreement reached. Most couples do want to reach an agreement about financial matters without involving Court proceedings and this can be an effective way of doing this;
  • Or finally you can apply to the Court for a Judicial Separation. The procedure followed is virtually identical to a divorce. The Court pronounces a Decree of Judicial Separation and both parties remain married. This is usually done for religious reasons.

If you start divorce proceedings later on, either party can still apply to the Court for financial provision. Here the Judge considers all the circumstances and makes an Order they feel is fair. The Judge need not adhere to an agreement you have reached previously but it would be taken into consideration by the Judge.

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