Protecting the Family Home

The family home is usually the biggest financial asset an individual or a couple can own. Inevitably, as we get older, the worry of having to sell it to pay for nursing home fees becomes greater.For You - Protecting the Family Home

At Martin Gaffney Solicitors we can advise you about your home, nursing home fees, family property trusts and property transfers.

The government was planning to introduce an individual cap on nursing home fees. This has been put back to 2020 and may be delayed further or may not even happen. However, despite this losing your house to pay for nursing home fees remains a real concern for many people.

At Martin Gaffney Solicitors we like to meet with our client’s and discuss any concerns they may have. As there are several options available, everyone’s personal circumstances are different and these options include:

  • Life Interest Trust Wills
  • Home Protection Trust Wills
  • Property Trusts
  • Property Trusts and signing property over

Please telephone Danielle Hayward on 0113 282 7988 for an appointment or home visit.